A Jumping Competition in the Heat

The weather has for once shown us what summer could be like in Denmark and temperatures have been up where just sitting around is uncomfortable. This of course collided with the horse show nearby where I had entered all the horses. Nothing too big, they have all had a bit of a break. Faraday did 90 cm and his first real class a 1 m with 9 obstacles and a double combination. He did great; one fence down in the first class and two in the second, but he was brave and very eager to do his best.

Aristocrat was a little too excited and didn’t exatly deliver any great results. He did jump very well on the fences where I could place him correctly, but we need more dressage and more strength still; to be able to do that every time.

Cassius has been, as always a star. He did 1 m and 1.05 m. Clear in both and placed in the one where placing was possible. He has really grown up and now lets me ride him most the way around the course. For him it has taken quite some time before the dressage kicked in on the jumping field.

Photo by Thomsen snapped a couple of pictures of them
Faraday HIS internet

Calle HIS internet

Snork HIS internet