A very Muddy Experience

This past weekend I went to Hovdala to ride in the CIC1* with Aristocrat. We arrived Thursday evening, just in time to unload before the rain. In the bible it rains for 40 days and 40 nights and they call it a catastrophe, in Scandinavia we call it summer. The stables were flooded, the arena was a giant water fence. They ended up moving the last riders from Thursday to Friday because of thunder.

Aristocrat did an ok dressage a little above 60%. The jumping, however was perfekt. Ok, I made a mistake into the last combination and we had a fence down, but he jumped really well. Today we were supposed to do cross country. It wasn’t impossible to go around out there, but for me the mud and the soft ground were too much. My horse didn’t need that today. They did a lot to fix the water problem, especially in the stable area.

If you are interested I have video from both dressage and jumping.