Aristocrat clear in his first CNC90

Today was the first day of my eventing season. Aristocrat was entered in his first CNC90 in Tågarp. For the first time since I started riding eventing I didn’t have to ride dressage before eight. This meant that I  could sleep until six this morning. Everything was prepared and I just had to load Aristocrat and leave at around seven. This gave us plenty of time at the other end. The dressage wasn’t too great. He was very tense and I never really got him on his hind legs. This gave us around 60%. One fence down in the jumping was good, he wasn’t spooked at all and jumped really well. Then came time for the most interesting part of the day; how would he do in the cross. No need to worry at all. He just cantered around out there and jumped one fence after the other. He was too slow, but I didn’t ask him to run, that will have to wait till he has more experience.

As always you can check out CassiusCam for the helmet cam.