Aristocrat in CNC100

Aristocrat has had his debut in CNC100 last week and followed up with another one today. Last week he was clear all the way to the water. He had never seen a jump into the water and was a little tired when we got to it. So this took a second try to solve. Dressage is slowly improving and jumping is also ok for the moment.

This week he was not as great in the dressage, but a lot better in the jumping. The cross was very different from last week. In Dagstorp we jumped one big fence after the other and didn’t have to turn anywhere. We were alone in the woods for most of the time and just doing our thing. This week the jumps were about half the size, but the course was twisting and turning. Up the bank and then 6-7 strides to a corner or a tripple brush on uneven grounds. Jump out the water and three strides to a tripplebrush. There were a lot more people on the course, a tent, flags, and all kinds of other stuff meant for eating horses. The jumps were no problem at all, but the camping chair was a certain killer and prevented us from jumping up the bank at first. Later on the public and the cafeteria tent had us turn left out of the water instead of jumping the tripplebrush. He was however good at the jumps as soon as he realised the chair and the tent wasn’t going to attack today.

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