CIC1* debut

Friday and Saturday Aristocrat and I went to Össjö to compete in our very first international competition. He has only done one 1* before and is still a little spooked on the water. Luckily, there were no less than three different water fences on the course in Össjö and he started out very poor on the first one, but did the last like a champ.
We had one miss on a tripplebrush, I simply did not get the right distance and he jumped to the side. Normally he is very good with skinny fences and I think this will be better with experience.
Dressage was a little low, a little slow, and a little without anything special, this earned us a very poor dressage score, but that can be worked on. He jumped very well, had two down, the last one simply because he spooked at people and the surroundings. We are ready for more and have a couple of CI1* planned out for the rest of the year.

Helmet cam (yes – fence four was not supposed to be ridden like that)