Luckily the Skies Cleared for Sunday

Saturday was an aweful day in Denmark. After a couple of very nice weeks with sun and warm weather we were not ready for Saturday. Sometimes it snows in April, figuratively. After walking the course and considering the footing I almost just gave up on riding Sunday. I ended up deciding that I would give it a go and then just see as the day progressed.

Both horses had dressage in a grass arena. Because of the rain it got deeper and deeper, Faraday almost couldn’t canter in there. Aristocrat didn’t get as much as I thought he would but Faraday got more than I expected. I the jumping Aristocrat jumped very well. I came in to short to the double and had to push a little to get to the fence out. That meant one down. Faraday was running too much, this meant two down but after those he made sure to not touch anything.

I the cross country the footing was terrible in the beginning of Aristocrats course. I simply never found the rythm and didn’t ride very well. This meant that he spooked on the first water. I wasn’t there for him when he spooked. Normally he would never stop, but when he gets insecure he needs me to say “Yes we can”, I didn’t. Faraday said yes to everything and was clear – a little too slow.

Mixed pictures from Lene Thaulow and Jimmy Friis.

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