Silver at the Danish Championship for Teams

It has been some time since Faraday was out eventing last time. After an injury to the suspensory ligament last year, I thought that maybe the focus should be primarily on jumping. With things still being somewhat affected by Covid and my car situation being almost impossible to solve (more on that another day), I have not been travelling too much outside of Sweden and Denmark this year.

This also meant that when the Danish Championship for teams was held sort of near by I teamed up with a couple of friends to ride. In Denmark all the riders ride at different levels for the team championship. On our team I dusted off my giant grey horse for a 90 cm. Since he had not seen a cross country course since 2019, I figured it was better to ride him at a lower level. Also, we needed a 90 cm rider for the team.

Now that I was going down there anyway I entered Marco in the 2*.

Dressage and jumping was held on Saturday and the cross country on Sunday. This is my preferred format since I don’t end up walking 70.000 steps in a day as I do at the one day events. At the same time I also don’t have to take days off of work. And having the cross country on the last day gives my horses a better restitution.

After the dressage and jumping our team was in third place and I was number two in the individual rankings of the 90. Since eventing only ranks riders based on their dressage score there is nothing to do if you are not in the placings after the dressage other than hope that someone else makes a mistake. So having secured a medal if we could ride clear in the cross country gave a nice and relaxed evening.

Cross country proved to be our game. Unfortunately for the team in the lead they had some problems there. This meant that we moved up to the second place and secured the silver medal.

Marco did an ok dressage and jumping, but unfortunately was a little tense in the beginning of the cross country and had a run out on fence number two. The rest of the course he cleared with no problems.