Show Planning – the First Draft

I have tried to put together a plan for the season. It is however never easy to do so before the season has started. And I am sure a lot will change when we start. Aristocrat has yet to see a real cross country course and thus no plans has been made for him. Maybe he will do the Subaru cup this year.

Dato Sted Klasse
28 marts Revinge STH100
3 april Tågarp CNC1*
9 maj Gärds CNC1*
30 maj Dagstorp CNC1*
2-5 juli Copenhagen eventing CIC1*
25-26 juli Sahrendorf CIC1*
13-16 august Malmö City Horseshow CIC1*
18-20 september Strzegom CIC1*
16-18 oktober Strzegom CIC2*