Equestrian sport is expensive and any help to make it a little easier is highly appreciated. I therefor want to present the companies who believe in me and support me. If you want to be part of the team let me know and I will tell you more about what I can offer.

HH CareHH Care

HH Care has a wide variety of horse feeds and supplements. This makes it possible for me to feed each horse to their own needs.
Since I need to feed both youngsters, my moms Icelandic horse, high level competition horses, and seniors I am very pleased that there is a lot of different possibilities. The team is very good at guiding which feed to try out for the different horses, and take pride in making every detail work out.


R2Agro is my go to for functional feed supplements for my horses. They provide a wide range of supplements and I am especially pleased with Egusin SLH and Egusin Gastric 365.
Marco, who has had problems with ulcers, seems to be in much better balance when on a daily supplement of Gastric 365. To give him a little extra help at the competitions and trainings away from home. I feed him SLH for the last week before and the first couple of days after returning. The others gets Gastric 365 at competitions, to keep their digestion at ease while travelling and performing.

Uphill Sport Uphill

Tur Trading specializes in outdoor equipment for sports and fun. They value sustainability, functionality, and longevity in their products. Never have I had dryer and warmer feet than after Morten introduced me to the socks from Uphill Sports.