The Team


The team mainly consists of me and my parents. Even though my parents have no direct influence on how the horses are trained and which competitions they attend they are an invaluable part of the team. The horses are stabled at their place and they do a lot of the everyday work with feeding and turning them out.

About me

I was born in 1985 and have been riding since before I can remember. My mom has an interest in horses and thus pushed me in that direction. My first pony arrived in 1997 and with him came the interest for competing. Back then it was in both dressage and showjumping, but when the pony was traded for a horse showjumping became my main interest. In jumping I have competed up to 145 cm at CSI ** shows. I lost one of my best horses ever in September 2009 and decided to quit all the competitions and just ride around at home. In 2010 however a couple of my friends, convinced me to try out three day eventing. I brought one of the showjumpers and it turned out to have a talent for jumping ditches and water. After the immediate success I decided to try out a small competition. This went very well and in 2011 I competed in more eventing competitions than in showjumping competitions. The trend continued afterwards and I have now switched out the last jumping horse for a more eventing type of horse. Three horses currently in the stable, the eight year old Cassius being on his way to the stars and two very promising youngsters. I am a part of the Danish team “Military Mellemtuppen”, a group of adult riders doing eventing as a hobby at the international scene.

Apart from riding I am also involved in many other ways in the horse community. Being the co-funder of the online horse magazine and in the organizing committeeof many competitions at all levels.

Trainers and Coaches

For always being in the game I feel it is important to take lessons and get help when needed. I try to surround myself with professionals who take pride in educating both horses and riders. Every week I do both jumping and dressage lessons. For this I train for Sarah Bisgaard in the dressage and for Ulrich Gaarslev in jumping weekly. To keep my horses fit and ready for the competitions I have a great mentor in 4* eventing rider Anna Hassö. She is the one who brought me to the 1* level and she helps me with everything at the competitions. Anna is also the mentor for Military Mellemtruppen. Apart for my weekly trainers I also ride for Hans H. Christiansen and Helena Kallblad.