Cross Country in the Sun

My new years resolution of writing a post every week is not exactly going well. I do however have something to show today. Yesterday was the first show of the season. I brought Aristocrat and Faraday to Revinge to do 90 and 100 cm cross country with markings for style. Faraday was first out and did a clear round very easy. He still gets too low in the neck when he gets tired, but I am not too worried, that will be fixed with strength. The judges, however didn’t like that much and placed him in the last half. In my opinion, he has improved a lot since last year and I am sure we will soon be out doing CNC100 as well, first off though he is entered in CNC90 both in Kalundborg on April 16th and in Gärds on April 30st.

Unfortunately, one of my friends had a fall on course later on. I was in the warm up with Aristocrat and didn’t see what happened. We had to wait for an ambulance and since for them to stabilize her on a spine board. Under normal shows there is always an ambulance at the show, I am not sure why there wasn’t any yesterday. After warming up and then walking for an hour or so the sun was close to setting. This made finding the fences out on course very difficult as you couldn’t see them until the very last moment. This meant that I missed both direction and distance coming into the water. Aristocrat saw the fence just as late as I did and jumped out to the left. The second time he knew it was there and went straight in. He felt very secure out there and very comfortable in his new pee wee bit. He will be doing CNC100 in Kalundborg and if he is feeling comfortable and all I may try CNC1* in Gärds. For now he is entered in CNC100 at both.

I saw a lot of photographers around and am sure I will find some pictures one of the days. Until then I have a short video, and of course helmet cam.