Nemesis Revenge

Last week my Hubris led me to post this picture on my Facebook wall.

I had added the comment “At least her son did better at Slangerup today”. This is a reference to the countless times I have spent in the sand when riding, or attempting to ride, Faradays mom Corini.

Nemesis of course saw this and felt like a punishment was needed. I have had a lot of clear rounds on Faraday both in January and February and this Friday we went to Hillerød to do another 100 cm class. First round was ok, he was way too tense, but jumped ok and was again clear. Hillerød is where I ride lessons and my coach suggested I just did another round for practise.

First round

We walked for like 5 minutes out in the warmup and jumped a vertical before trying again. No need to write too much…

Ulrich then helped me remount and the last round was a lot better

The other two did a 105 cm Saturday morning. No video of Aristocrat. He jumped fantastic though. His jockey didn’t help him enough in the combination and he had one down there, but otherwise jumped really well. Cassius was clear and too slow for a placing. He felt a little behind the bit and the legs, so I will try another bit on him during the week.