While We are Locked Down

2020 didn’t start all that great. Nothing in my personal life, but in general, when looking at the world it has been a rough year so far. I January alone three major events come to my mind:

  • Australia is on fire, as in giant bush fires are killing everything that gets close to them.
  • The USA kills Qasem Soleimani, almost causing a war with Iran and frightening them enough to accidentally shoot down a passenger airplane.
  • And then some virus is infecting a lot of people in China, and they seem to be dying from it.

That virus is now very well known all over the world. It has caused thousands of deaths, not only in China and neighboring countries, but all over the world. It is the reason that I did not start my season today as planned and that my parents are no longer allowed to go grocery shopping.

I am of course a data nerd and am looking a little at it at home. Maybe I will share what I have done one of the days. But for now I want to show you what is going on at the stables.

Since we can’t really go training these days I have set up all the fences in the summer field. My dad helped me build some standards for the corner, the rest was just waiting for me in the arena. I have jumped the two greys and will jump Aristocrat tomorrow. Maybe one of the days I can get Ali to take some pictures.