A new feeding schedule

Over the winter I have tried to optimize a little bit of everything, one of the major things is my feed. It has been a long time since I investigated what was available on the market, and when Marco’s stomach products got a new distributer I was encouraged to have a look at their feed, and ended up doing a switch to have a full collaboration with them.

Because of the growing focus on stomach problems in competition horses, a lot of horse feed has been developed especially for helping with keeping the micro organisms happy. It is a little hard to find something that is high enough in energy and almost without starch, but I think we managed to find a setup that works for Marco.

Since January 1st he has been fed Derby Gastro-Sport Pellets, and he loves them. The high content of pectin form a protective gel layer on the stomach lining.
He is right now getting in shape to be ready for the season to start, and I hope we can have a season without having too many breaks.

At the same time Casparov has also had to change his diet. He is not that difficult to feed and would have been a retriever, had he been a dog. He has changed to Spillers Stamina+ Cubes and is licking a whole in the bottom of his crib every day.

They are as always fed a daily supplement of Egusin 365 and Marco will also continue having Egusin SLH when away from home.