Clear in Eketorp

The season has now finally begun. About four months later than expected, but better late than never. As of right now only Marco is sound and in shape, which means that he is the only one I am competing. The first show we did, ended very differently from what I thought it would. Marco has been so good at all the practice this year and I expected him to have an easy run in a straight forward CNC100 in Haslev. Something down there didn’t suit Marco and he ran past a couple of fences and then we were eliminated.

Plans were changed and I entered him in CNC100 in Öved this past weekend. The cross country was held at Eketorp Eventing. A place well known to be a little on the tough side. The dressage was mediocre and with a clear jumping, we ended our Saturday adventure on just under 40 penalties as number 26 of 42 starters.

As I walked the course I was reconsidering. After all, he had not felt confident enough to do the cross in Haslev and this was much bigger and way more difficult. After spending the night at my trainers place I felt a little better, and off we went.

Marco was amazing. Ears pricked and full of running. He cleared one fence after the other and was clear on the fences. A little slow, but that was not the focus of the day. Even with our 14.4 time penalties we still ended up advancing and finishing on the 14’th place.