Marcos First Attempt at 2*

Friday was time for Marco to show that he had actually grown up. We got up very early to drive to Hermanstorp and ride in his first 2*. The dressage was fine, and we ended up at 66.8 %. After jumping with one pole down, we were in the middle of the class.

Aristocrat was of course not left at home when we went for a 2*. He was a little too excited and did only 60 % in the dressage and had two down in the jumping, placing us pretty much at the end before the cross.

The cross was quite big and had a couple of difficult questions. The first question was a corner at fence number 5. Marco thought the fences were a little big in the beginning and when I then missed the distance at the corner, he jumped to the side instead of over the fence. We turned around and had a go at it again and jumped it without any further problems. The rest of the course he got bolder and bolder and jumped very securely into the water complex.

Aristocrat was a little spooked at the beginning, it is a long time since he has been out on a course he didn’t know, but jumped very well and was clear just two seconds over the time. I rode without my watch, so that was really nice.

The lovely pictures are taken by Fredrik Jonsving from Jonsving Photo.

Next up will be a CNC100 for Marco to give him an easier run before we move up again.